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The Solution: Community Transformation



DFN began in 2002 in response to the plea of Dalit leaders: "Educate our children!" Today a freedom movement is advancing all over India through Dalit Education Centers, where Dalit children learn English and are taught the values of freedom, equality and human dignity. Learn more.



In debt to landlords, moneylenders, grocers, and more, most Dalits work hand-to-mouth, ground down in horrific poverty. This economic disempowerment forces many into bonded labor and prostitution. Our Vocational Training, Self-Help Groups, and Fair-Rate Loans enable Dalit adults to learn marketable skills and support their families. Learn more.



Most Dalits cannot afford healthcare. Simple fractures go untreated and result in crippling malformations. More than 40% of India's youngest children are malnourished. Dalits also suffer from diseases unseen in developed nations, like polio and leprosy. DFN's comprehensive community-based healthcare program meets immediate needs and is paving the way for sustainability. Learn more.



DFN is the leading voice of justice for the Dalits in our nation's capital. Focusing on the big-picture of ending the trafficking of Dalits, our education campaigns, legislative work, and continuous advocacy promote justice for the Dalits. Our work with Dalit children and women in India builds hope and empowerment. Learn more.

Dalits in the Media


Dalit kids made to eat last, Muslims insulted in schools: Report

April 22, 2014

Children from Dalit, tribal and Muslim communities are being blatantly discriminated against in schools in rural areas in several states of the country, says a shocking report released by an international rights group on Tuesday.

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5 reasons you should be following India’s jaw-droppingly enormous elections

April 11, 2014

Even for those who know nothing about India, this really looks to be one of the most fascinating political events this year, and not just because of its scale. The election is taking place in an increasingly important tech-savvy country, with vital issues of economic problems and nationalism at stake, and a choice between a world famous name and a controversial outsider. It’s a fascinating moment in democracy, and one that shouldn’t be ignored.

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Stinker for the political class

March 31, 2014

The SC directive asking the Centre and states to end manual scavenging and offer compensation to the workers might finally restore dignity to three lakh Dalits

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Dalit manifesto focuses on land rights, education

March 19, 2014

Even as major parties are fine-tuning their political manifestoes for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Kerala will get a dalit manifesto, drafted by four young dalits, following a successful Facebook campaign.

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Low cost private schools may solve India’s problem

March 14, 2014

Low cost private schools may provide education to all children, educationist James Tooley said Thursday, adding that attention is not being given to such schools.

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India’s Christian and Muslim Dalits say they are more ‘untouchable’ than Hindus

March 4, 2014

India’s Dalits were once known as untouchables in the days when the caste system had no laws against it. Although the federal government has tried to give Dalits a lift-up with affirmative action legislation, some Dalits says they are more untouchable than Dalitis from the Hindu majority. These are Christian and Muslim Dalits.

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Declaration of Empathy

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Whereas, The Dalit people of South Asia are considered history’s longest standing oppressed population, subjected for millennia to discrimination, untouchability, bonded slavery, and social and economic segregation;

Whereas, This Declaration expresses our deepest concern and empathies for all Dalits everywhere who are subject to the scourge of human trafficking and modern day slavery;

Whereas, We the people of The United States of America are in a unique position to understand the suffering of slaves, the passion of abolitionists, and the path to freedom;

Whereas, The Quander Historical Society, Inc., which represents one of the oldest documented descendants of slaves in The United States, and Gye Nyame, Inc., a nonprofit that focuses on cultural and educational advancement, and Dalit Freedom Network, a nonprofit dedicated to freedom and equality for the Dalits in India, have called on The United States of America, and her people, to stand in solidarity with the Dalits;

Nowtherefore, We the undersigned parties, in a spirit of unity and solidarity, and in an effort to promote justice for all, respectfully assert that our nation should recognize modern day slavery in all its forms and should strongly oppose the continuing degradation, discrimination, oppression, and segregation of Dalits anywhere in the world.

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