Dr. Joseph D'souza

Dr. Joseph D’souza Speaks about Dalit Issues on TV

Click here to go to YouTube and view the seven minute interview on the Canadian talk show “Full Circle.”


International President

Dr. Joseph D’souza leads multiple organizations both in India and internationally. He is the International President of the Dalit Freedom Network and is particularly concerned about human rights issues in India and other parts of Asia. He has spoken at both the United Kingdom and Hong Kong Human Rights Conferences. He has spoken at the Human Rights Commission meetings in Geneva and has had discussions with Mary Robinson, the previous United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR). In addition, he has been a delegate at meetings with members of Parliament in Switzerland, Germany, and the United Kingdom, and Congressional leaders in the United States. He has been interviewed and quoted on Dalit freedom issues in the Asian News Service, the BBC, National Public Radio, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Dr. D’souza founded DFN USA in 2002. Today there are DFN offices in Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Sweden, South Africa, and partner offices in nearly 25 nations. Dr. D’souza is also the President of the All India Christian Council, one of the largest interdenominational coalitions of Christians in India that deal with national and human rights issues**.

In 2005, Dr. D’souza published his first book, Dalit Freedom Now and Forever. It traces the history of the Dalit quest for emancipation and the response of the Indian church.

In 2007, Dr. D’souza published his second book, On the Side of the Angels, a seminal text for all persons interested in justice, human rights, and Kingdom mission.

Dr. D’souza lives in India and operates out of London and Washington, D.C.

His heroic, courageous cry to all the world: End Dalit Trafficking——Make Slavery History in India!

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