Buffalo Nationalism

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A critique of spiritual fascism, this book written by Dr. Kancha Ilaiah, argues forcefully for social justice in India. Taken from selection of Dr. Ilaiah’s columns in popular Indian newspapers like The Hindu, the Deccan Herald, the Deccan Chronicles, the Hindustan Times, among other, and journals like Mainstream and the Economic and Political Weekly. Combative, heartfelt, intellectually rigorous, these pieces present his vision of a more just society.

Dalit Freedom Now and Forever

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The Dalits are history’s longest standing oppressed people group. Dr. D’souza’s book introduces readers to the Dalits and their story in a compelling way. The new revised version is updated to include the most recent developments in their emancipation movement

Who Told Us that Gandhi Ended the Caste System in India?

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Author: Dr. Joseph D’souza

An Agenda for Dalit Emancipation within the 21st century. This 40 page monograph is a collection of contemporary essays written and compiled by Dr. Joseph D’souza, International President of the Dalit Freedom Network. Includes “I am an Ambedkarite”

Dedicated to all those who dream of the glorious New India where the oppressed castes and oppressed women will be no more and our main identity will be that we are simply and equally empowered Indians.

On the Side of the Angels

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Internationally-respected human rights advocate and DFN International President Dr. Joseph D’souza recently released his second book entitled On the Side of the Angels: Justice, Human Rights and Kingdom Mission. The book is co-written by journalist and human rights activist Benedict Rogers.

On the Side of the Angels is an inspiring call to action and an update on the global state of Christian persecution and oppression. Jon Foreman, lead vocalist of the band Switchfoot, concludes, “Joseph’s words continue to pull all of us towards the only appropriate response, sounding the alarm for love in action.”

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Truth About Dalits

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A Must-Read New E-Book by Oliver D’Souza for $13.95 Also Includes a Complete E-Text of Manusmirti’s “The Laws of Manu”
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